Throughout the assessment process itself, students gain greater self-awareness. Awato asks the “why” rather than simply the “what.”  This is first time that a student has ever stopped to think critically about why they enjoy certain hobbies, and how that connects with something bigger.

Facilitating Student Reflection

Awato is the only assessment that does not simply provide a menu of interests to select from, but forces students to interact, reflect, and think deeply about what specifically they enjoy about a particular interest.


Individualizing Career Paths

Awato’s technology meets students where they are and provides a customized career plan based on their unique individual needs. This may be the first time that a student has ever stopped to think critically about their career goals.


Career Engagement Begins on Day 1:

Ensure your students know what they are doing today will mean for them tomorrow. Align students with the right programs and the right careers so they can reach their potential.

Scale Your Career Office:

Stop wasting your career center staff’s  precious time editing resumes, posting jobs and facilitating cursory job exploration. Reclaim their time so they can spend it with students one-on-one, in workshops/classrooms, and hosting events.

Maximize Your Technology:

Stop switching from tool to tool to tool. Do more in one simple solution that your students and career counselors will love.

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