Scale Career Services

Career Services needs to scale to meet the growing needs of students. Awato enables offices to scale to reach their students with individual and targeted services and messages.

Proactive Intervention

Every student needs an individual academic and career pathway. Awato ensures you can reach each student and give them a clear path through your institution and into a fulfilling career.

All in One Platform

From career exploration to resume building to applying for jobs, Awato provides an easy to use platform with everything you need.


Let's improve the student experience, together.

Excite, Engage and Empower with Awato Careers

Increase student engagement and hire rates with an all in one solution to find, prepare, and apply to the career paths that are right for them.

Right Programs, Right Careers, Right Retention.

Tackle student retention early by determining the best program you have to offer each student and setting them on the right career path.

Fast Integration
Same Day Reply
Single Sign On

Individualized Assessments

Awato is the first adaptive assessment that learns about the user and asks appropriate follow up questions.

Custom Degree Matching

Show your students what their best path forward is for both their career and education

Easy to Use Jobs Board

Keep all of your job opportunities and employer contacts in one easy to manage tool


  • Increasing student retention
  • Engaging prospective students with individualized plans
  • Guiding incoming students to the proper majors
  • Guiding current students to career paths they love
  • Increasing student engagement and outcomes

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