Predictors of Academic Success:

While financial stability and work related issues rate as high as 54% for dropout cause, the highest correlative value for student retention is academic performance during the first year, in which 90% of students with over a 3.0 GPA graduate.

The highest predictors of academic success are interest and aptitude in the area of study, both rating between 25-30% for correlation of GPA.

The easiest and most statistically effective strategy to increase student retention is to better align students with their intellectual strengths and interests.

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Creating Early Academic Engagement:

Tackle retention early by determining the best program you have to offer each student. Match them with that program and create a career pathway, so they know what’s coming after graduation.

Connecting Students to Individual Success

80% of students are undecided on their major and switch at least once. Connecting them early with best-fit majors is key to their individual success, and the school’s retention.

Empirically-Based Academic Mapping

Awato provides objective, empirically-based academic mapping and connects the student with identifying their bigger picture career path goals.

Motivate Every Student:

Help your students reflect about themselves and understand their education and career pathways in the first semester.

Excite students about the future:

85% of freshman said getting a better job was a major reason for going to college. Prove that your programs will do just that with Awato’s career matching.

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