A solution that works for every department

From marketing to admission to academics and career services.

Remove Indecision from the Application Process

50% of prospective students don’t know what they want to study. Ensure they know what their decisions today will mean for them tomorrow so they can move forward with confidence.

Educate Students and Parents About Career Opportunities

Provide career outcomes and academic plans that show students and parents a clear vision of what the future can look like with a given degree and the path to get there.

Create a Connection with Your School

Prospective students are increasingly aware of student debt. Show them how investing in an education from your school will lead to success.

Align Students to Careers and Degrees that Count

Connecting students with best-fit degrees and clear milestones is key to their individual success. Your school can stand out with personalized content based on their goals.

Expand the Reach of Advisors and Counselors

Career counselors are overwhelmed with high student-to-counselor ratios. Enable them to be their best and impact more students with the tools and information they need at their fingertips.

Ensure Student Success

Half of the students who enter postsecondary education finish within 6 years. Interest and aptitude in their degree of choice is the leading contributor to success. Ensure your students are set up to succeed.

All the features you need to increase enrollment and retention in ONE solution

Career Assessments and Matching Pages

Personalized Assessments and Program Matching

Awato assessments make the process fun and engaging by asking personal questions and adapting to responses. It then provides personalized career and education pathways based on individual interests, a school’s academic programs, and regional economic data.

  • Adaptive Interests assessment
  • Values assessment
  • Inclinations assessment
  • 16 Types assessment
  • Social assessment
  • Aspirations assessment

Compare Pathways and Outcomes

With pathways comparison, students will discover how their academics relate to career outcomes, why they’ll enjoy them and what they can expect to earn.

  • Personalized Career Suggestions
  • Student Match Scores
  • Regional Salaries
  • Promotional Tracks
  • Return on Investment
  • Estimated Credit Transfers

Career and Degree Pathways screenshots

Custom Branded Career and Degree Pathways for Schools

Customized for Your School

The Awato platform is customizable so you can provide prospective and enrolled students a tailored experience in your very own portal.  

  • Branded school portal
  • Add your school logo and colors
  • Add and display your school’s degrees and program descriptions
  • Degree matching and pathways align to your school
  • Create your own custom call to action to link students to applications or contact a career counselor

Everything your students, faculty, and staff want to know in one place

It can be hard to determine how to enter certain careers and what students should expect to make. Put information in the hands of every counselor, professor, and advisor so all their conversations can lead students to their best future.

  • Easy export and integrations into CRM and SIS systems
  • Unlimited admin logins so everyone at a school can access the information
  • All the information students need to make decisions in one place

School ROI and student management pages