Show why your School is Special

Connecting prospective students with best-fit degrees and clear milestones is key to their individual success. Your school can stand out with personalized content based on the their goals.


Make Student Decisions Practical

The cost of college makes decisions overwhelming. Make it easy for prospective students by showing how your school is affordable AND a great investment for the future.

All the features needed to increase enrollment in ONE solution

Personalized Assessments and Program Matching

50% of prospective students don’t know what they want to study. Ensure they know what their decisions today will mean for them tomorrow. Awato’s personalized assessment meets students where they are and provides a custom career and education pathway based on their individual needs.

Compare Pathways and Outcomes

Prospective students are increasingly aware of student debt. Show them how investing in an education from your school will lead to success. With pathways comparison, students will discover how long your programs will take, their career outcomes, and more:

  • Your school’s programs
  • Career Outcomes
  • Student match scores
  • Regional Salaries
  • Promotional Tracks
  • Calculated ROI
  • Calculated Credit Transfers
  • More…

Customized to your School

Prospective students want to know if your program is the right one for them. Your school is different. Make it known with deep pathways customizations:

  • School logo
  • Branded user interface
  • Students match to your school’s programs
  • Supports Certificates and micro credentials 
  • Application links
  • More…

All of the data you want and more.

Your staff’s time is important. Stop wasting it with dated student recruiting strategies and confusing excel formulas. Awato’s pathway comparison platform tracks all you need to know about prospective students in an easy to use, exportable dashboard.

1 Week Integration
Easy to Use