No Cost Career Data for Enrollment Offices

The 2019 College Hopes & Worries Survey reiterated one of the most important trends in higher education: college students are concerned with debt levels and outcomes. Why wouldn’t they be?

Today the average debt for a student who graduates from a public university is $25,500, up 25% since 2008. Fortunately for students, the difference in earnings between bachelor’s degree holders and high school diploma holders also continues to raise. Annually, college graduates earn an average of $32,000 more than high school degree holders.

Even new college graduates earn 40% more than high school degree holders with average earnings of $43,000 vs $25,500. With numbers that distinct, it seems like the cost of college is well worth it as long as students are able to get a well paying job upon graduation.

Prospective students and their families want to understand these figures when they are considering school. We think that showcasing potential careers and salaries is a critical aspect of that conversation.

That’s why we have decided to provide a No Cost tool to colleges across the country to do exactly this for students. With Awato’s career embed any enrollment or marketing department can show prospective students what careers their degrees lead to and what those careers pay in their region on their current website:

You can learn more here: Awato Career Embed