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Why Resume Keywords Matter

Resume Keywords Cover Picture
When you’re working on your resume in Awato, you’ll notice we have a keyword analyzer, but you might not realize why making sure you use certain keywords could help you get your dream jobs. Here's why: 1. Most Large Companies use Applicant Tracking Systems 90% of large companies likely use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)....

Why Career Exploration is Vital for a Successful First Year Experience

Career Exploration is vital for First Year Experience
At the 37th annual First Year Experience Conference, I gave a presentation on why finding a student’s career path in the first year is vital. Generally first year experience concentrates on getting students transitioned into the new academic setting. Recently, there has been a bigger initiatives to include career exploration in the first year experience....

Understanding and Identifying Interests Using Different Frameworks

Understanding and Identifying Interests Using Different Frameworks
The concept of interests plays a critical role within education, personal development, and vocation. This paper summarizes the key research in the field to explain why interests are important, what an interest is, the stages of their development, and Awato’s approach to interests. To understand how interest engagement emerges and can be leveraged, we need...