Everything you need to manage the student experience from pre-enrollment to career guidance.

Marketing and Enrollment

Marketing & Enrollment

Win the attention of prospective students in the inquiry and application stage and increase enrollment yield numbers.

  • Create an emotional connection with your school.
  • Educate students and parents about potential career outcomes.
  • Convey the return on their academic investment.

Academic Counseling


Ensure academic success by better aligning students to degree and career paths – improve retention and graduation rates.

  • Align student interests and aptitudes with specific careers.
  • Educate students about potential career opportunities.
  • Provide tools to help students achieve their desired outcomes.

Career Services

Career Services

Guide students on their journey with a clear vision and expand the reach of career services so they can be more effective and have a greater impact.

  • Gain insight into students desired career outcomes.
  • Allow for personalized support, even with a high student to counselor ratio
  • Better equip your staff to get students ready for workforce placement.


Guided Paths Browser

Engage Students. Deliver Results.

Awato offers a comprehensive platform for career assessments, career and degree matching, and guided pathways. Deliver individual academic and career plans for prospective and enrolled students.


Match students to a personalized degree and career path
Stand out with your own custom branded portal and content
Increase enrollment yield rates and student retention


Bringing clarity to students so they can move forward with confidence.

Career Compass

Engaging Career Assessments

Interactive assessments help students discover ideal careers and degrees based on their interests and aptitudes.

Career and Degree Missing Puzzle Piece

Personalized Matching

Individualized career and degree matching based on interests, inclinations, and values that creates better alignment.

Career and Degree Outcomes

Academic & Career Outcomes

Connect degree programs at your school to career outcomes and convey a clear vision of the path to get there.

Learn more about how your school can leverage a branded portal for prospective and enrolled students to improve yield rates, retention, and student success.


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