We get students excited and engaged in their career paths

By getting students excited and engaged in career, we’re able to boost student retention, drive student engagement, and increase academic performance. All while reducing the labor impact on administrators to provide career planning.

Excite, Engage and Empower with Awato Careers

Increase student engagement and hire rates with an all in one solution to find, prepare, and apply to the career paths that are right for them.

Right Programs, Right Careers, Right Retention.

Tackle student retention early by determining the best program you have to offer each student and setting them on the right career path.


Owning the student path life cycle

One of a kind, all in one, automated solution that’s raising the bar for career path services and academic advising tools!

Approach each student individually

Unique follow-up questions dig deeper to academic and career interests, helping students identify best-fit program and career paths

Engage students early

Reach your students and provide individual academic and career plans

Customized to your school

Customized to the school; it connects students with specific degree programs offered at your institution

Dynamic Assessments

Awato is the first adaptive assessment system that learns about the user and asks appropriate follow up questions.

  • Total assessment time: 18 minutes
  • Adapts and changes to the user
  • Spurs self reflection
  • Fun to take

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Schools lose millions in tuition each year from poor student retention and engagement.

Only 30% of students on
average benefit from traditional
career path services
60% of academic
performance is determined by
career interests and aptitudes
90% of students
with GPAs above a 3.0
graduate on time

Career Confusion Harms Student Retention


Second-semester Sophomore

Meet Tiffany. As a first-semester sophomore , she has little academic engagement, no major declared and no plans for life after graduation. Her lack of direction is creating anxiety and her grades are suffering:

  • Tiffany needs help aligning herself with her career prospects and her academics
  • She needs to be interested, engaged, and motivated in her classes
  • She needs help understanding the context of her career path
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